Are you creating today the solutions that will be the basis for your results tomorrow? As well as your current performance is a consequence of your recent decisions, your current capability for mobilizing knowledge, creativity and processes for innovation creates the conditions for the evolution of your business in medium and long terms.

But only stimulating creativity and adopting practices such as design thinking are not enough for generating sustainable results in the future. With an approach that integrates knowledge and innovation, Impakt helps your company to develop the capabilities for innovation management, or even to quickly generate solutions with significant results in your current market or in unexplored – or even totally novel – business areas. Innovation management – be it oriented to products, services, processes, strategies or business models – will become a real organization capability for your company.

Impakt services in this field include:


  • Trends mapping and technology roadmapping
  • Knowledge, innovation and social networks mapping
  • Innovation strategy elaboration or facilitation


  • Innovation management models
  • Idea programs, creativity and innovation programs
  • Innovation incentives programs
  • Innovation networks and communities modeling and management
  • Drivers, indicators and metrics for knowledge, intellectual capital and knowledge

Development and Application

  • Experts’ panels and ‘delphi’ method
  • Ideation sessions, design thinking and fast prototyping
  • Creativity and innovation competencies development
  • Knowledge management applied to innovation processes
  • Application of the 10 Dimensions of Innovation Management

Impakt Approach for Innovation Management


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