Most marketplace changes are visible before they become a real threat or an opportunity for organizations, be them private, public or not-for-profit. That means that, with a small monitoring effort you can better comprehend environment movements and anticipate great opportunities or threats.

This is the essence of Intelligence Processes: they allow you to make more effective decisions regarding business strategies, brand positioning, knowledge and competencies development, technology research and development, new technologies adoption and far more.

With Impakt’s approach, your company can develop intelligence processes and tools oriented to dimensions such as marketplace, environment, technology, specific industries, value chains, competencies and many others – and provide better direction to the present and future of your business.

Impakt services in this field include:


  • Strategic intelligence
  • Technology intelligence
  • Stakeholders and supply chain intelligence
  • Sales and trade marketing intelligence
  • Knowledge and competencies intelligence
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Collaborative intelligence


  • Intelligence management models
  • Intelligence processes management
  • Intelligence governance management
  • Intelligence practices and tools

Development and Application

  • Overall or industry trends mapping
  • Monitoring of market or consumer segments behavior
  • Technology roadmapping and foresight
  • Experts’ panels and ‘delphi’ method
  • Emerging technologies evaluation
  • Mapping of future competencies for industries and businesses

Impakt Approach for Intelligence Processes


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