Corporate Education

Employees as protagonists in education, learning integrated into professional day-to-day life, new technologies and pathways that allow the real application of learning in business activities.

Impakt’s approach proposes an education that is integrated with the activities of managers and teams, creating an organizational learning dynamic capable of boosting individual performance and business results. To do so, the methodology combines concepts of education, andragogy and heutagogy with innovative approaches to contextual learning.

Moreover, it integrates learning with face-to-face and virtual work environments, combining individual and collective, practical and interactive activities. With this, Impakt organizes corporate education around effective, performance-oriented action in the business environment.

Corporate Education Consulting

Impakt Services in

Corporate Education


  • Strategic Design of Corporate Education
  • Design of critical knowledge and competence models
  • Design of Corporate Education management model
  • Corporate Universities design and structuring
  • Trends mapping in education, learning methods and technologies
  • Future competencies mapping for industries and businesses
  • Education and learning strategic drivers and KPIs


  • Design of education management processes
  • Design and configuration of virtual learning and collaboration environments
  • Design and configuration of learning management systems (LMS) and learning experience platforms (LXP)
  • Design and structuring of distance learning / e-learning
  • Structuring of learning trails / pathways
  • Mapping of knowledge and experts networks

Development and Application

  • Design of learning trails / pathways
  • Learning Communities
  • StoryLearning: storytelling applied to education
  • Training of multipliers and learning agents
  • Virtual learning and collaboration environments
  • Diagnosis of teaching-learning processes

Key Elements of

Corporate Education

Impakt Corporate Education Model

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