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Impakt Consulting helps organizations to mobilize knowledge, intelligence and innovation to generate results. Our methodologies were created and improved along dozens of projects so that our clients can develop their own organizational capabilities in Knowledge Management, Innovation Management, Corporate Education and Strategic and Technological Intelligence.

Impakt’s team is multidisciplinary, dynamic, experienced and creative, combining practical experience and conceptual and methodological consistency.

We work collaboratively with the client’s team in the co-creation of each project, combining knowledge and ideas that contribute to business results and to the evolution of organizations.

Impakt Identity


To drive the creation of value in organizations and society through the strategic management of knowledge, intelligence, and innovation.


To be recognized as an agent of transformation for organizations and society in the 21st century.


Curiosity to learn, proactivity to act, transparency to share, flexibility to collaborate, boldness to innovate.



Beto do Valle

Founder of Impakt Consulting, lecturer and guest professor at SBGC (Brazilian Society of Knowledge Management), at Integração Business School and at the Executive MBA of Hospital Albert Einstein.

He holds a degree in communication (Fundação Cásper Líbero), an MBA in Marketing (FGV) and extensions in Strategic People Management (FDC/INSEAD, France), Knowledge Management (FGV), Evaluation of Results and Impacts of R&D and Innovation (Unicamp ) and Network Science (Coppead/UFRJ).

He is the author-collaborator of 2 books and the author of articles on knowledge management, corporate education and innovation management. Also leads projects in these areas in leading organizations in Brazil and abroad.

Alfredo Mendívil

Managing Partner at Impakt Consulting and guest professor of Knowledge Management at Universidade Positivo’s extension course. He is a business administrator (FAE), post-graduated in Marketing (ESPM) and in Business Management (INPG).

Responsible for administration and finance at Impakt, he leads Knowledge Management, Corporate Education and Innovation projects in leading companies in Brazil and abroad.

Miguel Siano

Managing Partner at Impakt Consulting, he works with Corporate Education, Knowledge Management and E-Learning. He specializes in project management and development, training and e-learning; development of corporate education models; supervising the production of courses and learning objects; and instructional design. He develops multipliers, teachers, tutors, and instructional designers.

He is a professor and postgraduate advisor (MBA in Corporate Education Senac RJ, Veiga de Almeida University-RJ and UFF – Fluminense Federal University). He is a biologist with a master’s degree in Biosciences and Biotechnology, a postgraduate degree in Instructional Design and Environmental Analysis from IBGE.



Andreia Oliveira

Consultant in Knowledge Management and Innovation Management at Impakt. Master in Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer for Innovation (UFPI/PROFNIT), MBA in Business Coaching (FAPRO), Postgraduate in Management and Accounting (CESVALE) and Bachelor in Accounting (FAP).

She worked as a Local Innovation Agent for the ALI Program (SEBRAE/CNPq), in Piauí. She also has experience in Innovation Project Management, UX Research, Community Management and Corporate Education.

She is a DISC Behavioral Analyst and creator of a method focused on promoting scientific entrepreneurship. She participates in programs to connect startups and corporates, acts as a career mentor in a volunteer project, and is an innovation facilitator in the co-creation of projects, products and services. 

Bianca Silva

Impakt Consultant in Knowledge Management and Innovation. A specialist in Strategic People Management with an extension in Knowledge Management from the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV), she has more than 8 years’ experience in companies from different sectors, in projects involving Knowledge Bases, Technical Writing, UX Writing and Corporate Education.

She has worked on ISO 9001 certification projects, redesigning and modeling processes, creating manuals, articles, face-to-face and e-learning training and implementing knowledge bases for the medical technology and banking sectors, based on the international Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) methodology and the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework.

Cassio Ribeiro

Consultant in knowledge management and corporate education at Impakt. He has experience in e-learning and Organizational Training and Development. Has worked in structuring learning ecosystems, integrating dynamic technological platforms and diversified educational programs, ranging from the transfer of basic content to experiential activities.

He has participated in the strategic direction of some of the largest corporate universities in Brazil (Petrobras, Vale, TIM, CTEEP, Itaipu Binacional) and in the executive management of the learning areas of large service companies (TOTVS and Falconi).

João Valsecchi

Consultant at Impakt, has experience in management consulting for medium and large companies in Brazil and Latin America, on topics such as strategy, innovation, knowledge management, talent management, organizational change, digital transformation and sustainability.

He is a doctoral candidate in Production Engineering at Poli / USP, with a doctoral stay at the School of Management at Fudan University, in Shanghai, China. Master in Production Engineering and graduated in Public Relations from USP, with passage through Libera Universitá di Lingue and Comunicazione IULM in Milan, Italy.

He led the structuring of digital transformation services and projects in leading companies in their sectors.

Mikaella Damasceno

Marketing and communication assistant at Impakt. Graduating in Marketing, focusing on Inbound Marketing, SEO and customer experience strategies.

Worked on sales, on outbound strategies, specifically on cadence flow. With marketing strategies, she has worked in projects for structuring digital sales funnel for small businesses.

Marina Machado

Knowledge management, intelligence and innovation consultant at Impakt. She has a degree from the Management and Administration Institute (PUC-Rio), with MBAs in Project Management (PUC-Rio) and in Business (Católica Porto Business School).

Worked with strategic planning and led corporate projects, processes improvement initiatives and change management, in the areas of information technology, logistics, supplies, infrastructure, security, communication, social responsibility, among others. She has professional experience in the French market, as a PMO and in agile methodology projects.


Matheus Lima

Impakt Consultant in Knowledge Management, Corporate Education and e-Learning.

He has a degree in Human Resources Management, a postgraduate degree in Leadership and People Management, a specialization in Agile Methodologies in Project Management from FGV, and an Extension in Knowledge Management and Organizational Intelligence from PUC-RS.
She has more than 10 years’ experience in Training and Development and Corporate Education projects for major clients.

He worked on the PROSUB Knowledge Management project, with expertise in technology transfer, having obtained ISO 9001-2015 certification in Knowledge Management processes and as a mentor for innovative projects for young apprentices in partnership with SENAI, facilitating workshops such as Design Thinking, Scrum and PM Canvas.


Monica Rottmann

Consultant and project manager with more than 15 years of project experience in companies from different sectors, including market leaders and start-ups, as well as government and academia.

Master and PhD in Production Engineering from Escola Politécnica USP, where she also graduated in Business Administration and Chemistry.
She has worked at TerraForum Consultores and other consulting firms, and is a professor of postgraduate and MBA courses at VanzoliniFoundation, FIA and PECE Poli USP.

She has expertise in project management, knowledge management, corporate education, innovation management, process management, kpis, quality and productivity and organizational design. 

Rafaela Andrade

Knowledge management and innovation consultant at Impakt. PhD in Scientific and Technological Policy from the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP), focusing on Research and Innovation Centers at universities. Bachelor’s Degree in Public Policy Management from the Faculty of Applied Sciences (FCA) at UNICAMP.

With expertise in research projects and organization of courses and international events on the subject of Science, Technology and Innovation (ST&I), she also presented academic papers at national and international conferences and was part of the committee responsible for creating the Repository of Science and Innovation Policy Assessments (SIPER) in Latin America, in partnership with the University of Manchester. 

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