Innovation Management

Your company can make innovation not only a competence of employees, but also an organizational capability.

With Impakt’s approach to Innovation Management, your organization will be able to clearly define the role of innovation in the business strategy and thus develop the mechanisms to innovate in an agile, structured and sustainable way: innovation in products, processes, services, technologies, client relationship, business model and any other key dimensions for value creation.

Impakt services range from strategic alignment with top management to mobilizing leaders and teams to develop the culture, capabilities and competencies for innovation. From defining strategic innovation drivers to structuring a management model for open innovation or internalized innovation. From technology foresight and industry trends mapping to the design of roadmaps for research, development and innovation. From structuring governance flows, project pipelines and stage-gates to implementing collaborative ideas programs and incentives for innovation.

Innovation Management Consulting

Impakt Services in

Innovation Management


  • Strategic alignment and drivers for innovation
  • Leadership engagement and mobilization for innovation
  • Trends mapping and technology foresight


  • Innovation Management Model
  • Idea programs, creativity programs and collaborative innovation with employees and partners
  • Innovation funnel, innovation pipeline and stage-gates model
  • Innovation networks and communities
  • Open innovation and ecosystem collaboration

Development and Application

  • Expert panels and Delphi method
  • Ideation, design thinking and rapid prototyping
  • Development of culture, creativity and innovation competencies
  • Knowledge management applied to innovation projects and processes

Key elements of

Innovation Management

Impakt Innovation Management Model

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