Strategic Intelligence

Strategic and Technological Intelligence processes make it possible to understand the movements of the external environment, anticipating opportunities and threats and generating insights and qualified information for decision-making in the most varied dimensions, such as business strategy, marketing, innovation, technology, education and operations.

With Impakt’s approach to Strategic and Technological Intelligence, your organization will be able to rely on structured intelligence streams to support decision making in several areas, both via unstructured external sources and through collaborative intelligence with employees and partners.

Impakt’s services range from the identification of key dimensions for intelligence to the definition of strategic intelligence guidelines. From designing an intelligence management model for your organization to structuring intelligence flows, processes, products and tools. From prospecting of medium and long-term trends to facilitating insight generation and sensemaking sessions.

Strategic Intelligence Consulting

Impakt Services in

Strategic Intelligence


  • Strategic and Technological Intelligence strategy
  • Mapping of emerging knowledge
  • Mapping of future competences


  • Intelligence management model
  • Intelligence processes and governance
  • Technology monitoring model
  • Collaborative and networked intelligence model

Development and Application

  • Mapping of macro-environmental or industry trends
  • Technological foresight and technology roadmap
  • Scenario envisioning, analysis and planning
  • Analysis and sensemaking based on weak signals and unstructured information
  • Expert panels and Delphi method facilitation

Key elements of Strategic and Technological Intelligence

Impakt Strategic Intelligence Model

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