We help organizations mobilize knowledge and ideas to
generate results, evolution, and impact.

Knowledge Management

Performance is driven by knowledge. Effectively manage the asset
with the greatest impact on your business.

Innovation Management

Innovation accelerates the future. Develop the culture, capabilities and
competencies of your organization for innovation.

Strategic Intelligence

Future trends happen now. Monitor technologies, anticipate
movements and make effective decisions for your business.

Corporate Education

The ability to learn defines the evolution of your organization.
Insert learning into the dynamics of generating results.


Impakt - Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

With Impakt’s approach to Knowledge Management, your organization will be able to drive and foster knowledge flows to generate results, addressing both collaborative learning between people and the systematization and digitalization of organizational knowledge.

Impakt - Innovation Management

Innovation Management

With Impakt’s approach to Innovation Management, your organization will be able to clearly define the role of innovation in business strategy and thus develop the mechanisms to innovate in an agile, structured and sustainable way: innovation in products, processes, services, technologies, customer relationship, business model and any key dimensions for value generation.

Impakt - Strategic Intelligence

Strategic Intelligence

With Impakt’s approach to Strategic and Technology Intelligence, your organization will count on structured intelligence streams to support decision making in the most varied areas, both via non-structured external sources and via collaborative intelligence with employees and providers.

Impakt- Corporate Education

Corporate Education

Impakt’s approach proposes an education that is integrated with the activities of managers and teams, creating an organizational learning dynamic capable of boosting individual performance and business results. For this, the methodology combines concepts of education, andragogy and heutagogy with innovative approaches to contextual learning.


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