Knowledge Management

Knowledge is one of the most critical assets for any organization: it corresponds to approximately 90% of a business’ ability to generate results, and it is essential for both excellence and innovation.

With Impakt’s approach to Knowledge Management, your organization will be able to drive and foster knowledge flows to generate results, contemplating both collaborative learning between people and the systematization and digitization of organizational knowledge.

The services of Impakt range from identifying challenges and opportunities related to intellectual capital to mapping critical business knowledge. From defining strategic guidelines for Knowledge Management to structuring practices and tools for capturing, sharing, disseminating and applying key knowledge in the business context. From strategic alignment with senior management to training teams to develop the culture, skills and competencies in Knowledge Management.

Knowledge Management Consulting

Impakt Services

in Knowledge Management


  • Knowledge management (KM) strategy, intellectual capital and intangible assets
    Mapping of Critical Knowledge
  • Mapping of social and knowledge networks (SNA/ ONA / KNA)
  • Guidelines, indicators and metrics for knowledge management, learning and collaboration


  • Transfer of critical knowledge and organizational memory
  • Integration of knowledge management into organizational processes and knowledge taxonomy
  • Digital platforms for knowledge, learning and collaboration

Development and Application

  • Communities of practice (CoPs)
  • Storytelling and StoryLearning
  • Lessons learned and best practices
  • Knowledge capture and mobilization at internal and external events
    Knowledge and content curation
  • Training for leaders, multipliers and knowledge agents

Key elements for

Knowledge Management

Impakt Knowledge Management Model

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