Every business is fueled by knowledge. But few organizations really take advantage of its full potential for value generation. Through Knowledge Management, you can effectively manage knowledge flows that enable your business’ results, innovation and evolution.

Recurring mistakes, overlapping efforts, lost opportunities? Valuable know-how being misused, or not used at all, between departments or regions? These are only a few of the contributions of provided by Impakt’s structured and dynamic approach to knowledge management. A virtuous circle will be generated with results fostered by learning, sharing, collaboration and innovation practices.

We propose a strategic direction and a group of articulated processes for capturing, mobilizing, applying and innovating knowledge, supported by practices and tools suited for your business’ dynamics. With pragmatic and participative methodologies, your organization will foster short and long term result while developing its own knowledge management capabilities.

Impakt services in this field include:


  • Knowledge and intellectual capital strategy for your business
  • Critical knowledge and competencies
  • Intangible assets management
  • Stakeholders management
  • Trends mapping and technology roadmapping
  • Knowledge networks and social networks mapping
  • Drivers, indicators and metrics for knowledge, intellectual capital and intangible assets


  • Knowledge taxonomy
  • Critical knowledge transfer and organizational memory
  • Virtual learning and collaboration spaces
  • Learning trails
  • Processes mapping

Development and Application

  • Communities of practice
  • Storytelling
  • Lessons learned and good practices
  • Experts’ panels and ‘delphi’ method
  • Knowledge Blitz ™: capturing and mobilizing knowledge in events
  • Development programs for knowledge leaders, knowledge multipliers and knowledge agents

Impakt Approach for Knowledge Management



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